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Family Documentary:

What better way to preserve and share your family history than to gather the elders in your family together and have it captured on film? I enjoy a great story and all families have them. Those stories, old photos and current photos deserve to be compiled together in a way that can be shared for generations to come.

Included In All Packages:

Professional sound, lighting, graphics, musical score, historical images (if necessary to tie stories together of historical significance.)

Family documentary topics:

A new baby coming into the family-

An important birthday ie, 70th, 80th, 100th birthday-

Wedding anniversary-

Family business anniversary-

Family adoption-

College graduation-


*Prices Based on options chosen and length of services provided. Click the "Contact Me" to get a custom quote.

*Packages starting at $350.00 - $950.00

Possible additions:

Additional locations-

Photo restoration-

Additional scanned images beyond intro package limit-

Additional interviews beyond intro package limit-

Additional outside footage to be included such as VHS/Hi-8/DVD transfers-

Family/event photo shoot-

Memorial Service Documentary:

Your loved ones deserve to have their legacy and the stories of their lives shared for decades to come. Having a personal memorial documentary created is a beautiful and respectful way to do just that. There are many reasons why preserving their legacy with film and photography is a great idea. Military service, illness, distance, being too young to remember or attend a funeral are some of the top reasons people are unable to attend a funeral. There is no other time in a persons life for most of us that so many people from around the world will gather in one place and speak well of us. Why not capture those moments and share them with generations to come in your family?

Filming may include:

Memorial Service/Repast interviews/Burial Site Photography

Prices Based on options chosen and length of services provided.

Click the "Contact Me" to get a custom quote.

*Packages starting at $450.00 - $950.00

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