Aziza Binti

Aziza Binti is a passionate NPR featured storyteller and Social Emotional Wellness Coach using her talents as an empowerment speaker, photographer, documentary filmmaker and nationally recognized podcaster to encourage awesomeness in willing souls globally. Aziza has invested several years working with many St. Louis and national non-profits such as The Pulitzer Foundation, St. Louis ArtWorks, The Dutchtown Community Corporation, Washington University and others creating dynamic documentary films, teaching documentary film and photography to youth as well as using her skills as a Certified Peer Specialist to champion mental health and coach individuals.

Aziza Binti Films, rebranded in 2021 as Binti Media has had their film work featured nationally on topics of social justice and equality. Her photography was accepted into the Library of Congress in 2020. In 2019 her riveting social justice film, “Movement Women: The Making of a Crew” featured at the St. Louis International Film Festival. Aziza has an uncanny ability to draw out the best in people whether through film, photography, coaching or in leadership roles. She believes that all people have an amazing story inside of them and the ability to affect positive change in themselves and the world.

She can often be found encouraging young adults to be their most authentic selves via her social media following on TikTok, LinkedIN, via her podcast Aziza Binti Live "Your Refresher Course In  Awesomeness" or coaching professionals to clear the emotional clutter in their lives to seek out a more impactful existence. Aziza in a word, her favorite word, is DOPE.

She seeks out the dopeness in others in ways they might have overlooked before but she is poised to put in the spotlight. Her coaching practice, “Choose Your Own Adventure Coaching.” brings a unique opportunity for clients to use both their current experiences and self awareness along with new found awareness of their inner child to promote positive change, growth and dope results in their lives, professionally and personally.

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